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Food ingredients industry and science expert, for interviews
16/06/2005 - Lindsey Partos, editor of FoodNavigator.com, is available as an expert source on the make-up of food, food ingredients and the food industry.

In an era when consumers are more concerned than ever about nutrition, avoiding obesity and health risks from food, journalists can find it hard to obtain expert comment on the science behind food ingredients and the industry's driving issues. The area is not covered by industry analysts, and is barely on the radar screen of science writers, yet it is a key area of interest to consumers.

Lindsey is an expert on the use, prevalence and current scientific debate behind artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and nutra-sweet. She has researched deeply into industry and science issues relating to soy-based ingredients; is perhaps the leading authority on Food Sudan and other banned substances, and is an acknowledged analytical source within the industry.

Lindsey has won awards as FoodNavigator.com's editor from the Association of Online Publishers and the Periodical Publishers' Association, while www.FoodNavigator.com was this year named the UK food industry's News Website of the Year.

As a prominent reporter and commentator on strategic issues for the food ingredients and food industry, Lindsey will be speaking on "The Future of the Food Ingredients Industry" in April 2006.

Lindsey Partos is available for interviews on 0033 4 99 52 28 70 or via

Editor's notes:
FoodNavigator.com is the flagship publication of Decision News Media. Covering all food related issues from food ingredients, formulation, legal issues and innovation; it is the site of reference for the food industry. Awarded by the AOP, FoodNavigator.com's editor, Lindsey Partos is a highly acknowledged reporter in the industry.

Decision News Media is a B2B online news publisher providing strategically relevant news for decision makers in the food and drink, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Based in Montpellier, France, this young dynamic company runs 23 websites. Its awarded team of journalists keep up to date with market developments providing analytical comments on the most important issues.

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