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Fast-track Internet publisher renamed Decision News Media in brand move
05/09/2005 - Novis, publisher of 23 business news websites and more than 50 specialist e-newsletters, is today changing its name to Decision News Media, in order to support its extraordinary growth track with a sharply recognisable brand.

Decision News Media's flagship publications www.foodnavigator.com , www.nutraingredients.com and www.inpharma-technologist.com have recently won a stack of awards for the calibre of their news content for business decision-makers.

These include a Webby-Worthy award, equivalent to an Oscar of the Internet and the group's current short-listing for the 2005 News Website of the Year Award by the Association of Online Publishers in a short-list line-up dominated by the BBC and Reuters.

In the last 18 months, Decision News Media has additionally won awards for Food Industry Website of the Year, Website Launch, Editor of the Year (twice, for different editors), and News Reporter of the Year.

"Decision News Media's heavy investment in editorial capacity and resources from early on in the Internet revolution has seen it achieve outright market leadership, at high speed, for many of its news services," said Jean-Marc Cocogne, Joint Managing Director.

The group specialises in the reporting of science and business news for the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries. However, it has beaten forward with an unorthodox media model that has proven spectacularly successful.

Instead of seeking payment for its news content, or archives, or limiting its online news to short summaries, Decision News Media has applied top-rank journalism skills to the research and analysis of changes currently impacting its focus industries. It then supplies original and high quality news content to industry readers for free, on open-access news websites.

This product concept - where the content focus alone defines the audience and where the quality of the free, online news surpasses competitive paid-for content - has achieved audience commitment and readership demographics unrivalled within the B2B media.

This, in turn, has seen the group achieve dominance in all its advertising markets, accounting for 70 per cent of the online marketing spend in some of its key niche sectors.

"Our established reputation is as a news group that is bringing original and high quality content into the public domain and to industry decision-makers. This is then enabling advanced market solutions through the delivery of tightly targeted audiences," said Decision News Media's Joint Managing Director, Franck Metzger.

"A clear and self-explanatory brand is an essential, further asset in building this business model further."

With its main news operation and headquarters in Montpellier, Decision News Media is currently staffing a new London bureau, and in October will be opening offices in the US, on the East Coast.

Julien Letellier
+33 4 99 52 28 70

Notes to Editors:
  • For further information about Decision News Media, see www.decisionnewsmedia.com
  • Decision News Media was established in Montpellier in 1999 by two French entrepreneurs, fresh back from a decade in leading positions in advertising sales for national newspaper and magazine titles in London, UK.
  • Decision News Media has been an entirely self-funded venture, which now employs more than 50 staff and contracted personnel.

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