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Decision News Media Initiates BPA Audits In B2B Online Publishing
15/11/2005 - Novel independent traffic audits released in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics online trade publishing

Decision News Media, the online science and business news publisher, today announced the release of their September 2005 audits, conducted by BPA Worldwide.

The independent audit of site traffic data is one of the very few to have been carried out across the industry segments served by Decision News Media in food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Circulation figures, of vital importance to publishers in clinching advertising sales, have barely touched the online B2B publishing industry to date. Software that counts traffic is often run in-house, but the results are not independently verified, and can be easily distorted.

The publisher anticipates the released audits will set an industry trend, providing standards to traffic measurement for media buyers, agencies and media owners alike.

"Business-to-business advertisers are increasingly looking towards online advertising because of our clear measurable return on marketing investment and the strong readership figures we are delivering," said Julien Letellier, Marketing Director of Decision News Media.

The BPA audits are one of the most important planning tools for B2B advertisers and their agencies, providing them with assurance that the publications they choose to invest in deliver the circulation they claim, while allowing tangible means of comparing their press advertising to their online activity.

"We congratulate Decision News Media on demonstrating their belief in transparency and full disclosure for advertisers by having their Web traffic audited independently, according to BPA's world-respected standards," said Glenn Hansen, president and CEO of BPA.

"We are delighted to work with Decision News Media in conducting their regular traffic audits" said Stuart Wilkinson, Director EMEA, BPA Worldwide. "For more than 74 years, BPA has been delivering the highest auditing standards for printed publications all over the world. BPA provides the same level of accuracy and transparency in online media audits."

About Decision News Media Decision News Media is an international online business-to-business news publisher. The company runs market leading science and business news services in the food, pharmaceuticals, science and cosmetics industries. From its newsrooms in Europe, the USA, Russia and Asia Pacific, Decision News Media serves decision makers in large international companies worldwide. Decision News Media has its head office in Montpellier - France and offices in London and Hoboken - New Jersey.

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