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Decision News Media earns accolades for outstanding growth
13/07/2006 - Decision News Media has received two prestigious awards in recognition of its exceptional growth: it has been named the top Force PME in France by association of small and medium business owners in France, CGPME; and has received the coveted Label Gazelle from the French government.

The CGPME (Confédération Générale du Patronat des Petites et Moyennes Enterprises) recognises small and medium enterprises (SMEs) based on financial performance and job creation. It draws on intelligence provided by Coface, a database of information on 37,097 French companies. Decision News Media came out in joint first place.

The Label Gazelle programme, initiated by Renaud Dutreil, the French Minister of SMEs, rewards 2000 small and mid-sized enterprises with five to 250 employees, who have tripled the turnover in two consecutive years and more than doubled the number of employees.

"We are very proud of these distinctions," said Franck Metzger, joint managing director of Decision News Media. "Our growth rate is the result of excellent team work. We strongly believe in the future of our sector of activity. This award is a great achievement and a valuable recompense for the joint efforts of our international team."

Both these awards reflect the highly dynamic development of this young company with its headquarters in Montpellier, France.

Between 2000 and 2005 Decision News Media has shown a record growth of 1157.31 per cent of turnover. Founded at the start of 2000, the company now publishes 23 business-to-business news websites for professionals in the food processing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and scientific industries.

In 2005, 92 per cent of the company's turnover came from exports. Decision News Media has opened offices in London and New York to further develop itself on an international level. The company's revenue is generated from its online advertising service.

About Decision News Media
Decision News Media is an international online business-to-business news publisher. The company runs market leading science and business news services in the food, pharmaceuticals, science and cosmetics industries. From its newsrooms in Europe, the USA, Russia and Asia Pacific, Decision News Media serves decision makers in large international companies worldwide. Decision News Media has its head office in Montpellier - France and offices in London and Hoboken - New Jersey. The Internet address for Decision News Media is www.decisionnewsmedia.com.

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