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Leading pharmaceutical news franchise expands into US
18/04/2007 - Decision News Media leads the field in Europe for online pharmaceutical technology news with its flagship www.In-PharmaTechnologist.com website, and now plans to repeat the trick on the other side of the Atlantic.

The franchise has expanded into North America with the launch of www.US-PharmaTechnologist.com, bringing the same principles of rigorous journalistic integrity, tight news focus and a clear understanding of the business needs of its readership.

In-PharmaTechnologist.com has proved itself as a comprehensive and well constructed resource for scientists, engineers, production executives and top management in the European pharmaceutical sector; its sister site US-PharmaTechnologist.com will provide the same high-quality service to their counterparts in North America, said Phil Taylor, managing editor of Decision News Medias pharmaceutical division.

With a BPA-audited readership of 53,000 unique visitors a month In-PharmaTechnologist.com stands head and shoulders above its peers in Europe, testament to the strategy of attracting readers through robust intellectual property rather than news aggregation. The launch of US-PharmaTechnologist.com has been undertaken with the same spirit and dedication, aiming to provide highly relevant content for a North American audience and to present technical and often complex information in a usable way.

In-PharmaTechnologist.com has also differentiated itself from its rivals by enjoying exponential revenue growth since its launch in 2003, at a time when the online advertising sector has suffered from the effects of media saturation and fragmentation.

The sites clear premise has allowed it to benefit from the shift away from mass-market advertising online towards more efficient targeting based on quality and loyalty of audience.

Decision News Medias strong track record in pharmaceutical technology news will help US-PharmaTechnologist.com match its sister In-PharmaTechnologist.com in audience, traffic and revenues by the end of 2007, commented Jean-Marc Cocogne, joint managing director of Decision News Media.

We will take a leading position in the North American market, competing shoulder-to-shoulder with our rivals as a well-established, recognised and authoritative source of news for North American pharmaceutical technology.

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